Tips forPreventing a UTI

Are you currently receiving catheters from a medical supplies delivery service? If not, you should consider doing so if you need catheters to empty your bladder due to urological or neurological disorder. People of all ages requires daily catheterization. For some, it stem backs to a birth defect like spina bifida. For others, it could have been due to a trauma accident that left them paralyzed. Still, for some, bladder problems could be caused by MS and the development of other neurological disorders. 

Whatever the reason for the need for intermittent catheters, it's important to know that hygiene is very important to ensure you don't suffer a urinary tract infection (UTI). UTIs are typically classified by symptoms like pain, cloudy and bloody urine, and general malaise. Although they are common, they can be prevented by practicing good hygiene and following your doctor's orders. 

The first thing you should know is that you never want to reuse a catheter after you have used it. Even if you have cleaned it thoroughly and believe that you have gotten rid of all the pathogens, the truth is this is nearly impossible. If you reuse your catheters, you are much more likely to be diagnosed with a UTI. If money is an issue, you should speak with your medical supplies delivery company on whether or not they can work with you on catheter supplies and help you with seeking reimbursement from your insurance company. A medical supplies delivery company is good, also, because it can ensure you never run out of catheters. 

In addition to not reusing and working with a medical supplies company, another rule of thumb is to keep everything as sterile as possible. Always use gloves and make sure the catheter does not touch any surface area that hasn't been sterilized. When you use the catheter, be sure to use rubbing alcohol on the affected area and always throw the catheter out after you use it. If you have to cath in a public place, you might also want to consider using a closed-system catheter, which should provide added protection against a UTI when you can't control the environment.